Wir sind zurück!

Am Samstag endete unsere Reise in den »Armen« der Clipper-Familie: Längsseits der »Johann Smidt« und hinter der  »Albatros« machten wir im Stadthafen von Eckernförde fest. Kurze Zeit später nutzen wir die Gelegenheit uns am Strand abzukühlen.
Nach über 600 Seemeilen, unzähligen Badebuchten und tollen Eindrücken und Erlebnissen standen dann ein letztes Mal Groß-Reinschiff und Backschaft auf dem Tagesplan. Und als die Handys wieder ausgegeben wurden, spürten alle: Jetzt ist unsere gemeinsame Zeit an Bord wirklich vorbei.


Nochmal Geburtstag!

Am Freitag, 7. August feierte Frederic seinen 13. Geburtstag und teilte den traditionellen Kuchen mit jenen 24 Kaffeegästen, mit denen er seit zwei Wochen auf der Ostsee unterwegs ist 😉 Wir gratulieren herzlich und wünschen für alle Zeit guten Wind und immer eine Handbreit Wasser unterm Kiel!


Freetime on board

Here at the „Seute Deern“ each day is planned very well, so we have a daily routine which leads us more or less through the day. Part of our routines are things like watch, breakfast, lunch, dinner and also freetime. I want to tell you something about freetime on our journey.

Freetime is actually the only “not planed“ thing on the ship, that means we can use it almost however we want. The main activity on bord is sleeping, because freetime is after 4 or 3 hours of watch that means most of us want to sleep and relax for a few hours. Another way to rest is to sit at the stern, look at the sea and the horizon while reading a book, singing or talking (for example with Norbert, Thees or just with each other). A more exciting activity is to climb onto the „Klüvernetz“ or on the masts. Inside the ship, in our dining and common room, also many activities take place. Poker is the favorite game of the boys, the girls prefer card games and designing the journals we got in the beginning. Also a favorite of all of us is the „Glücksbox“, a daily ritual that Julia started. We really enjoy our freetime together. And as you maybe already noticed, although we are on a ship there are many possibilities how to use freetime and have fun outside of the watch.

Freetime in a habour and at anchorage
When we were at a anchorage, we often had the opportunity to jump into the water and swim. I really enjoy it, because the baltic see had a good temperature for swimming. Even though there were little jellyfish, it was one of my freetime highlights. At the habour there are more opportunities to run or walk, for example we once played the game „Klobi“, for this you need space to run. At the habour, we were able to go to the city, too.

But it dosen’t matter what we are doing, we always have fun together.

Text by Annalena